DISH First to offer NBA Team Pass

This morning DISH announced that they are the first Pay TV provider to offer NBA Team Pass. For more information and discussion please CLICK HERE.
DIRECTV Now to Launch November 4th!

SatelliteGuys has learned that DIRECTV will launch their new IPTV service DIRECTV NOW on November 4th. This new service recommends at least 12 Mbps internet service and will only work on a handful of devices at launch.

For more information and discussion please CLICK HERE.
Youtube Comes to the Hopper 3

After being shown off at CES earlier in the year the Youtube App officially comes to the Hopper 3! For more details and discussion please CLICK HERE.
DIRECTV Launches New Client

Today DIRECTV has announced the nationwide release of a new Genie Client called the C61. For more please CLICK HERE.
Hurricane Matthew

Today at Noon SIRIUSXM will offer live coverage of Hurricane Matthew on XM Channel 1 and Sirius Channel 184. The coverage will be provided by the weather channel and can be heard on all active and inactive Sirius and XM Satellite Radios.

DIRECTV has launched its own Hurricane Matthew information channels, for more information please CLICK HERE.

SatelliteGuys urges all members in the path of the hurricane to head the warnings and instructions from officials in their area and we beg you to stay safe!

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