:eeek::eeek: :eeek
SmileSmile :) :-) (:
ShhShh :shh
WinkWink ;)
AugentreherAugentreher :coco
FrownFrown :(
BdayBday :bday
MadMad :mad: >:( :@
BiggrinBiggrin :biggrin
ConfusedConfused :confused:
BoumboumBoumboum :heartbeat
CoolCool :cool: 8-)
AmenAmen :amen
BouncingBouncing :bounce
AngelAngel :angel
Stick Out TongueStick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
AngelAngel :angel2
Big GrinBig Grin :D
BowBow :bow
ClapclapClapclap :clapping
Eek!Eek! :eek: :o
ConfusedConfused :imconfused
Oops!Oops! :oops:
CoolCool :glasses
Roll EyesRoll Eyes :rolleyes:
ArgueArgue :argue
CryCry :crying
AttentionAttention :attention
Er... what?Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
AugentreherAugentreher :rolleyes
DiablotinDiablotin :devilish
BabyBaby :baby
EekEek :eek
BallchainBallchain :ballchain
EurekaEureka :idea
BanBan :ban
ExclamationExclamation :exclamation
BanpleaseBanplease :banme
FlagFlag :usa
FrownFrown :oldfrown
GuellerGueller :oldlaugh
BathbabyBathbaby :bath
HatsoffHatsoff :hatsoff
BdayBday :bday2
HungryHungry :hungry
BeatenBeaten :beaten
IdeaIdea :idea
InfoInfo :info
LuvloveLuvlove :love
BehindsofaBehindsofa :hiding
MadMad :oldmad
ManifManif :strike
MiamMiam :oldsmile
BiggrinBiggrin :biggrin2
MusicMusic :music
NanaNana :nana
BigokBigok :bigok
NoNo :oldno
PenguinPenguin :penguin
BlahBlah :blah
PleurPleur :crying
RedfaceRedface :redface
BluesbrosBluesbros :bluesbros
PartysmileyPartysmiley :party
BoinkBoink :poke
RolleyesRolleyes :rollingeyes
Book1Book1 :book
ShockedShocked :imshocked
BoomBoom :boom
SleepSleep :sleepy
BoredBored :bored
WaveWave :wave
BoumboumBoumboum :heartbeat2
SmileSmile :oldsmile2
SmugSmug :smug
SorrySorry :sorry
SpamSpam :spam
ThumbdownThumbdown :thumbdown
BoxingBoxing :boxing
ThumbupThumbup :thumbup
BrushteethBrushteeth :brushing
TombstoneTombstone :tombstone
TongueTongue :raspberry
BumpBump :bump
WhatWhat :what
Bump2Bump2 :bump2
WinkWink :oldwink
ButterflyButterfly :butterfly
WtfWtf :wtf
CakedCaked :piethrow
YesYes :yes
StrikeStrike :onstrike
CanadaCanada :canada
TrollsTrolls :notrolls
CarCar :car
WelcomeWelcome :welcome
DeadhorseDeadhorse :deadhorse
CellCell :cellphone
CensoredCensored :censored
Cheer2Cheer2 :cheer
ClapclapClapclap :clapclap
Closed 2Closed 2 :closed
CoffeeCoffee :coffee
ComputerwindowComputerwindow :computerwindow
CoolCool :cool
Couple InloveCouple Inlove :inlive
CrowdbounceCrowdbounce :crowdbounce
CupcakeCupcake :cupcake
DeadhorseDeadhorse :deadhorse3
Deadhorsebeat 2Deadhorsebeat 2 :deadhorse2
DealDeal :deal
DramaDrama :drama
EurekaEureka :eureka
EverybodydanceEverybodydance :everybodydance
ExclamationExclamation :exclamation2
FencingFencing :fencing
FirstFirst :first
Fish2Fish2 :fishing
FlagFlag :flag
FlameFlame :flame
FocusFocus :backontopic
GrinbounceGrinbounce :grinbounce
HailHail :hail
HandHand :hand
Happyd2Happyd2 :happydance
HatsoffHatsoff :hatsoff2
HbirthdayHbirthday :birthday
HelpHelp :help
HelpsignHelpsign :helpsign
HungryHungry :hungry2
IdeaIdea :idea2
InfoInfo :info2
LalalaLalala :lalala
LaserLaser :laser
LeverLever :lever
Listening HeadphonesListening Headphones :headphones
Lock1Lock1 :lock
Love HeartLove Heart :heart
LovecomputerLovecomputer :lovecomputer
LuvloveLuvlove :luvlove
MadMad :mad
ManifManif :manif
MiamMiam :miam
ModMod :mod
MusicMusic :music2
NanaNana :nana2
NicethreadNicethread :nicethread
NoNo :no
OfftopicOfftopic :offtopic
OneinacrowdOneinacrowd :stooges
OnthegoOnthego :onthego
PartysmileyPartysmiley :party2
PhonePhone :phone
PhotoPhoto :photo
PicardiconPicardicon :facepalm
PlayballPlayball :playball
PleurPleur :crying2
PopcornPopcorn :popcorn
Pray2Pray2 :pray
RainRain :rain
RangerRanger :enjoying
ReadingReading :reading
RipRip :rip
RolleyesRolleyes :rolleyes
SatelliteSatellite :satellite
SaturnSaturn :saturn
SecondSecond :second
SickSick :sick
SleepSleep :sleep
SmashSmash :smash
SmowSmow :snow
SobstorySobstory :sobstory
SorrowSorrow :sorrow
SorrySorry :sorrysign
SpamSpam :spamsign
SpySpy :spy
StarStar :star
StrikeStrike :strike2
ThirdThird :third
ThumbdownThumbdown :thubdown
TrollsTrolls :trolls
UsaUsa :usa2
Usa2Usa2 :usa2
Very DrunkVery Drunk :drunk
VictoriousVictorious :victorious
WashingWashing :laundry
WaveWave :wave2
WelcomeWelcome :welcome2
WhatWhat :what2
WhipWhip :whip
WhistleWhistle :whistle
WhooWhoo :whoo
WinkWink :wink
WtfWtf :wtf2
YessignYessign :yessign
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