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Charter Cable To Offer Customers Credit For Outages (GREENVILLE, S.C.)

Discussion in 'LIVE Industry News Feeds' started by cablewithaview, Dec 28, 2005.

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    GREENVILLE, S.C. -- Charter communications is still dealing with some scattered outages so the company is promising to credit customers who lost their service during the ice storm, WYFF News 4 reported.

    As many as 38,000 Charter customers were without their cable service Monday because of all those downed lines.

    Charter said customers who call will be issued a credit of $2.25 per day of lost service.

    That's based on an average monthly bill of $69.75.

    Charter officials said they're not required to reimburse or credit customers they're just doing it as a courtesy.

    Customers who lost cable during the ice storm and would like to have their account credited should call charter's toll-free customer service line at (888) GET CHARTER.


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    Power Being Restored But Cable Still Out

    GREENVILLE, S.C. -- Now that thousands of Upstate residents have their power restored many are asking "Where's the cable?"

    Charter Communications said 38,000 customers were without cable as of Monday night.

    Just like power lines, cable lines buckled under the pressure of ice and falling trees.

    "The cable lines are attached to the telephone poles just like the power lines," said Charter Communications spokesperson Lizz Walker. "So if the tree topples over on a line, all of the lines are going to come down."

    Crews are repairing damaged lines and putting new ones up.

    But charter said sometimes cable crews don't get to do their work until power crews are finished.

    "We are following their lead," said power technician Colin McGee. "And as they get the power back on, we are right behind them to restore the cable."

    Charter Cable customers who do not have their cable restored should call (888) GET CHARTER for help.

    Charter said they will credit customer accounts for the days the cable was out. But customers have to report the outage to the company first.

    Charter said they hope to have all cable customers back on line by Thursday.


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