CWA Media Campaign Hits Verizon Sweetheart Deal on New Jersey Cable TV Franchise

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    NEW YORK, May 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The Communications Workers of America has radio ads on the air criticizing the sweetheart deal Verizon Communications is trying to carve out for itself with a statewide cable television franchise in New Jersey. Verizon wants to be able to "cherry pick" among New Jersey communities in providing cable service.

    The ads, running statewide starting today, are just the beginning of a media campaign that will alert the public to Verizon's attempt to win a deal from the New Jersey state legislature that is bad news for most consumers and municipalities. For example, even in those areas where Verizon agrees to provide service, some customers may have to wait as long as nine years before cable television would be available, and some customers may never receive cable service.

    The ad can be heard at

    CWA is urging the New Jersey legislature to instead enact legislation providing universal access to affordable, high speed broadband; reasonable build-out requirements and timetables for the state; and effective enforcement mechanisms and penalties for failure to meet standards and timetables.
    Communications Workers of America

    CONTACT: Robert Master, CWA District 1 Legislative and Political
    Director, +1-212-344-2515, or Candice Johnson of CWA Communications,

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