Fortec Star Mercury II Motorized System only $239.

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    SatelliteAV Deluxe Fortec Star Mercury II Motorized Satellite System

    CLICK HERE to Purchase Online

    • Fortec Star Mercury II Digital Satellite Receiver Recognized Internationally by Hobbyist as One of the Finest Receiver's Available
    • GEOSATpro 90cm (36 inch) Satellite Dish Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Construction with Durable and Attractive Charcoal Finish with Universal Mounting Post featuring revolutionary Bubble Level "Level-Easy" Post and Tripod Legs for Easy Roof or Wall Mounting
    • GEOSATpro SL1 Mini Bullet 0.4dB NR Standard LNBF Smallest LNBF in the World
    • GEOSATpro Deluxe Installation Kit Cables, Hardware, Grounding, Compass, Silicone Sealant
    • GEOSATpro GS120 HH Motor DiSEqC 1.2 / USALS Compliant, Easiest to Install ..... Guaranteed!

    Top Rated Satellite Receiver
    This Motorized Satellite System features one of the most advanced satellite receivers available in the world! The Fortec Star Mercury II is regarded by satellite equipment owners and hobbyists as one of the most dependable and feature packed models available. Fast and reliable channel selection and power scan for quick updating of new channels with no manual programming! Preview up to 16 channels simultaneously on one screen to help choose your favorite program or channel. Superb picture quality supported with component connetions for compatible monitors, S-Video, composite or RF allowing the best video on any TV, projector or monitor. Clear, crisp, high fidelity audio is available through optical Dolby Digital, RCA and modulated outputs. The universal remote can be programmed to also control your TV, DVD or VCR eliminating the pile of remotes. Closed captioning display enabled for hearing impaired viewers. You will not find a receiver packed with these incredible features at this price anywhere!

    Quality GEOSATpro Satellite Dish with Universal Mount

    The GEOSATpro 90cm (36 inch) satellite dish provides reliable reception of weak channels and virtually eliminates signal loss caused by extreme weather conditions or interference from other satellites. The quality and outstanding workmanship of the GEOSATpro dish will give years of outstanding quality reception. The durable and attractive charcoal finish looks great anywhere. The GEOSATpro 90cm provides a universal post mount that can be placed on any roof; flat or pitched, as well as on the side of your home. This heavy duty, secure post with tripod support legs is easily installed and will survive winds up to 115 mph. The mount can be easily adjusted to almost any mounting angle with the unique "Level-Easy" post and the included bubble level.

    Smallest High Gain LNBF in the World
    GEOSATpro SL1 Standard LO Frequency 11.70 - 12.20 GHz

    Low noise figure of .4 dB and 60 dB gain are combined in this +/-1MHz frequency stable, quality lnb.Your customers deserve a stable and trouble-free LNBF! We don't try and fool you into believing that this is a .3NR LNBF like many other distributors. Outperforms other ".3" LNBFs! Compare for yourself and see the difference. The minature physical size allows for optimal reception of satellites spaced 4 degrees apart without sacrificing reception quality or relilability. No other LNBF design allows for true 4 degree spacing due to their large scaler size.

    The GEOSATpro Bullet LNBF was torture tested through 1000 feet of RG6 coax. Not only did it produce high Signal Levels, but also retained excellent Quality Readings and flawless reception of even the weakest channels on IA5. This LNBF is the most reliable "off the shelf" LNBFs that we have ever carried. Standard LNBFs work with all satellite meters and make installs easier. Perfect for viewing linear satellites in North America.

    Deluxe Install Supply Kit Included!
    The deluxe installation supplies kit including anything that a basic installation will require. The deluxe kit includes 100 feet of high quality RG6 coax cable to connect the satellite dish to the receiver, grounding supplies to meet current National Electric Code rules, nylon ties and nail clips for securing the cables, and a fluid filled compass for easy dish aiming. Lag bolts for securing the dish mounting and silicone sealant to prevent water leakage at any wall or roof penetration are included along with, RCA cables and a 6 foot coax cable for your choice when connecting the receiver to your television. You will not need to go to the hardware store or electronic store for any supplies before installing your motorized Satellite System.

    Download the Mercury II Motorized Install Guide and see how easy it can be to install!

    Exclusive One Box Packaging Design Provides Low Shipping Cost, Less Product Damage, Fast Delivery!

    Compare before you buy! SatelliteAV provides everything needed for a basic installation.

    Why pay more somewhere else and receive less?
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