Thank you for the Interest in the SatelliteGuys "INSTALLER ZONE"


1) The Installer Zone is meant only for Satellite Installers who earn their living installing Satellite Systems. It is meant to be a place for installers to talk shop, share tips and stories with other installers.

2) Because it is hard for us to prove that anyone is a real installer and members from the general public we ask that you do not discuss sensitive items such as actual costs for equipment, we also ask that you do not use the forum to bash other companies.

3) If you are a Retailer / Installer we invite you to join us at our sister site at http://www.DishRetailer.COM where discussions such as costs and promotions are discussed. Only verified retailers are allowed in at DishRetailer.COM

4) Failure to obey these rules, may result of your removal from "The Installer Zone Forum" which is done solely at the discretion of the SatelliteGuys Staff

5) Have fun learn and share with your fellow installers, which some installer could be your competitors today you could be working with them tommorow.

If you are a installer and would like to join

(Note once you are at the next screen, click on the circle under Join Group for the Installer Zone forum, then Click on the JOIN GROUP button. After you to that return to the main forum listings and you will see "The Installer Zone" forum now listed!