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Thanks to 77TA, Qwert1515, Iceberg, Northgeorgia for providing scans used on TheList.
Free To Air Ku Band ( Medium sized dish )
30.0°W Hispasat 1D.1E Ku
50.0°W Intelsat 1R Ku
53.0°W Intelsat 23 Ku
61.0°W Amazonas Ku
61.5°W EchoStar 3 Ku
72.0°W AMC 6 Ku
77.0°W EchoStar 4.8 Ku
82.0°W Nimiq 4 Ku
83.0°W AMC 9 Ku
85.0°W AMC 16 Ku
87.0°W SES 2 Ku
89.0°W Galaxy 28 Ku
91.0°W Galaxy 17 Ku
93.0°W Galaxy 25 Ku
95.0°W Galaxy 3C Ku
97.0°W Galaxy 19 Ku
99.0°W Galaxy 16 Ku
101.0°W SES 1 Ku
103.0°W AMC 1 Ku
105.0°W AMC 15 Ku
110.0°W EchoStar 10.11 Ku
113.0°W SatMex 6 Ku
116.8°W SatMex 8 Ku
118.7°W Anik F3 Ku
119.0°W EchoStar 7 Ku
121.0°W Galaxy 23 Ku
123.0°W Galaxy 18 Ku
125.0°W AMC 21 Ku
127.0°W Galaxy 13 Ku
129.0°W EchoStar 5 Ku
Free To Air C Band ( Big dish )
40.5°W NSS 806 C
45.0°W Intelsat 14 C
55.5°W Intelsat 805 C
58.0°W Intelsat 9 C
61.0°W Amazonas C
83.0°W AMC 9 C
87.0°W AMC 3 C
89.0°W Galaxy 28 C
91.0°W Galaxy 17 C
95.0°W Galaxy 3C C
97.0°W Galaxy 19 C
99.0°W Galaxy 16 C
101.0°W AMC 4 C
103.0°W AMC 1 C
105.0°W AMC 18 C
107.3°W Anik F1R C
111.0°W Anik F2 C
113.0°W SatMex 6 C
116.8°W SatMex 5 C
118.7°W Anik F3 C
121.0°W Galaxy 23 C
123.0°W Galaxy 18 C
125.0°W Galaxy 14 C
127.0°W Galaxy 13 C
131.0°W AMC 11 C
135.0°W AMC 10 C
137.0°W AMC 7 C
139.0°W AMC 8 C

FTA Satellite List
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