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Thanks Digiblur for the information.
Thanks Nelson61 for the satellite coverage maps.

We are working on improvements for TheList & the uplink report and need help in collecting some data.
Please help us by reviewing channels call signs and their full names by submiting corections.
If a name is missing or needs to be corrected please click on the channel number to submit corrections.
We greatly appreciate your help and thank you in advance.

Dish Network Subscription Channels
DISH Network 61.5°W
DISH Network 72.7°W
DISH Network 77.0°W
DISH Network 105.0°W
DISH Network 110.0°W
DISH Network 118.7°W
DISH Network 119.0°W
DISH Network 121.0°W
DISH Network 129.0°W
DISH Network 148.0°W
DISH Network ALL
DISH Network Satellite Map
DISH Network Transponder Map
DISH Network Markets
The Dish Network Forum
The Dish Network Uplink Center Forum
DISH Network Eastern Arc
DISH Network Western Arc

FTA Satellite List
Subscription List

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