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  1. Don Landis
  2. NCLiquidations
    Just checking out the site. Nice site with good info
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  3. Garyd
    Garyd KE4EST
    did the mess with RTPI again got a call from a old time customer? 203 232 8888 if you know can you call me
  4. mikeH_dishNetwork
    On vacation from 8/15 to 8/19
  5. Chris_S@DISH
    11AM - 10PM MT. Tue/Fri/Sat OFF. Will be in and out on some schedules day off.
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  6. tpinck
    tpinck mikeH_dishNetwork
    We have the hopper3 and western arc LNBs. We travel back and forth between the west and east coast, currently on east coast at the Naval Weapons Station Goose Creek, SC. While on the east coast we would like to us the eastern arc sats. I have the 1k.2 dish and ordered the eastern arc LNBs which I received yesterday.

    Are there any installation changes other than the LNBs and sat locations?
  7. nbkhwjm
    generally confused...generally...
  8. KE4EST
    Can't wait for everyone to see the new look!!!!
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  9. KE4EST
    Spring is here!!!! WOO HOOQ!!!
  10. norman881
    norman881 OneFore9
    I also live in eastern Washington. (Spokane Valley)
  11. KE4EST
    Freezing my butt off!!!
  12. Pixl
    Pixl RONZ
    My Charter lost all the locals for about 24 hrs. 1-3/1-4. I spent over an hour on the phone, all they said was my Tivo was at fault. About two hours later today they came back. Did you see this? Would your PtOP what ever that is cause this?
  13. iceturkee
    chicago cubs 2016 world series champions. the curse is over!!
  14. ZachS@DISH
    I have transitioned into a different role at DISH and am no longer a member of the DIRT team.
  15. HiDefRev
    Quite satisfied, thank you !
  16. MN_Vikings
    Hello Satellite Guys...
  17. navychop
    navychop oldengineer
    Missing you. Are you OK?

    I took a month plus off from SatGuys and thought you might be doing the same.
    1. fred555
      Come back soon!
      Oct 9, 2016
  18. cobalt
    used to be a founding member but I've been away too long :(
  19. Foxbat
    Enjoying the start of another orbit around Sol
  20. MikeD-C05
    MikeD-C05 fbara
    You can get the ota dongle for $39.99 from under DISH accessories on page 2. He charges no taxes if you live outside of the state of Florida and he has free shipping.
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