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  1. comfortably_numb
    The Ministry of Truth
  2. ZachS@DISH
    I am no longer an active day to day member of DIRT; I am now in operations. Please reach out to one of the DIRT agents for help.
  3. Garyd
    Garyd mackie99
    Hey kid, I miss your posts
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  4. royrdsjr
    For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion. Ecclesiastes 9:4
  5. Garyd
    Garyd Bear Paws
    You asked him why, the answer may be here
    "When Catholics rule the United States
    And the Jew grows a Christian nose on his face
    When Pope Pius is head of the Ku Klux Klan
    In the land of Uncle Sam
    Then Al Smith will be our president
    And the country not worth a damn."
  6. Garyd
    Garyd bubbs16
    Tim working with the new digital receivers your much better off buying a LNBF, so you can easily control the polarity of your feed, they even now make them I think with KU, but I never used the new ones
  7. Garyd
    Garyd bubbs16
    I might be able to find to find an Old C-band dealer, on a sister site to this site, now that you gave your location, and get someone that you can pay to double check you have it in the right place. Or just pay the guy I find to track it for you, most of the old timers go there to BS, and like I don't work anymore, or really can work, its damn cold out, the older you get, the colder it feels
  8. Chris_S@DISH
    Sun/Mon 1PM - 10PM MT Tue/Wed/Thu 9AM - 6PM MT. Fri/Sat OFF. Will be in and out on some scheduled days off.
  9. Chris_S@DISH
    Sun/Mon 1PM - 10PM MT Tue/Wed/Thu 9AM - 6PM MT. Fri/Sat OFF. Will be in and out on some scheduled day off.
  10. Don Landis
  11. NCLiquidations
    Just checking out the site. Nice site with good info
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  12. Garyd
    Garyd KE4EST
    did the mess with RTPI again got a call from a old time customer? 203 232 8888 if you know can you call me
  13. mikeH_dishNetwork
    On vacation from 8/15 to 8/19
  14. Chris_S@DISH
    11AM - 10PM MT. Tue/Fri/Sat OFF. Will be in and out on some schedules day off.
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  15. tpinck
    tpinck mikeH_dishNetwork
    We have the hopper3 and western arc LNBs. We travel back and forth between the west and east coast, currently on east coast at the Naval Weapons Station Goose Creek, SC. While on the east coast we would like to us the eastern arc sats. I have the 1k.2 dish and ordered the eastern arc LNBs which I received yesterday.

    Are there any installation changes other than the LNBs and sat locations?
  16. nbkhwjm
    generally confused...generally...
  17. KE4EST
    Can't wait for everyone to see the new look!!!!
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  18. KE4EST
    Spring is here!!!! WOO HOOQ!!!
  19. norman881
    norman881 OneFore9
    I also live in eastern Washington. (Spokane Valley)
  20. KE4EST
    Freezing my butt off!!!


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