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    Celebrating 15 Years!

    I've been around since 2010. Thank you to Scott and the crew for all the information, help and friendliness. Congratulations on this milestone.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    And to you and all, I'm thankful for AirBeam wireless streaming, the folks will be kept happy at least from 1:30 til 5:00...and that my name isn't Charlie... Rose...:coco
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    Official SatelliteGuys CBS / DISH Dispute Thread

    Out west I'm seeing guide info for regular programming after 12 noon pst...?
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    4k from BBCA

    There is a disclaimer, the pre program info says, you must have a Hopper 3 and a 4K TV, no mention of a 4K Joey.
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    4k from BBCA

    I was just trying to get the 4K total experience...:facepalm My wife kept say the pq is great but the story is so busted up with other stuff it's distracting. Maybe PBS will get 4K with no interruptions, the FF is awkward at best...for me...:reading
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    4k from BBCA

    I watched the BBC 4K program last evening. Compared to last weeks episode it had improved, some minor audio issues and perhaps one pixelation hiccup. All in all not bad, but the shameless hawking of their programming, coming attractions, etc. diminishes the main event, which is quite good.
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    4k from BBCA

    It was a start, I suspect the delivery will get better. :) The Racers were creepy...
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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread HD
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    Wireless Joey Question?

    I do it all the time. :) Move it around that is, the Wireless Joey.
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    WA SAT Signal Strength Hopper 3

    I have roughly the same numbers you do, WA, that said I'm in Northern California. I'm not seeing any anomalies currently. In the winter I have seen drops due to snow. Are there any trees, shrubs, etc. that the wind could manipulated to interfere? Have you spoken with the provider/installer?
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    External DVR disappears after last update

    Just press and release the red button...
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    External DVR disappears after last update

    That's a matter of opinion, but I seriously doubt you'll be able to tell the difference.
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    External DVR disappears after last update

    Try rebooting the Hopper and changing usb ports.