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    sw echostar

    They are still in business, perhaps you can contact them directly, and ask for it. Here is the link, click the "Contact Us": Contact Us
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    The Tablo

    I heard that on the Roku app for Tablo, that IF you have closed-captioning turned on, every time you just change the tv channel, it auto turns itself off, and must be re-enabled. Is that true?
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    Winegard 10’ mesh dish.

    Gary, your post has nothing to do with the op's questions about disassembling the dish for storage.
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    Winegard 10’ mesh dish.

    Yes it can. Even just split in 1/2. Also mark/number each lnb leg, where it bolts against the sides. That needs to be put back in exact, as there's polarity involved in picking up the signals. Cut the wire going to the actuator motor as long as you can get it. Comes in handy when hooked back up...
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    Winegard 10’ mesh dish.

    IF you end up being the one to take it apart, use an indelible marker, and mark across the parting joints of each section, right where the bolts go through. Also, number them 1-1, 2-2, etc. Then take lots of photos before taking apart. The reason you do that, is it's always BEST to put each...
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    Tale of the "Hopper Snap"

    Maybe they downloaded a new firmware, that screwed things up with interaction of the Snap? You guys really need to report this issue, and see if they already know about it. Maybe there's a workaround, or the fix is being readied for the future.
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    Winegard 10’ mesh dish.

    Winegard dishes are one of the best built ones, please do NOT scrap that. I'd take it in a minute, except I live in Michigan.
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    Recommendations for Smaller Deep Fringe Antennas

    Wow, that's a REALLY pricey antenna! You can buy old-school outdoor antennas, including a preamp, mast pipe & coax, and get it installed for around the same. I guess IF you have absolutely no other choice besides an indoor antenna, it might be ok. Otherwise IMO, it's priced about $100 too high...
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    Brand new Horizon 180 for sale

    Rescue it before some goof throws it away! Beautiful dish.
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    Do you want to be a beta tester for TNAP-3 for OSMO4k only?

    Do you want to be a beta tester for TNAP-3 for OSMO4k only, and help advancement for USA users? Image is based on OpenPli. You'll need a LegitFTA account for this. If so, go here to download the images: TNAP-3 Test Images for OSMIO4K Feedback, issues with, good or bad, should be posted here...
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    Charlie thinks DISH and DIRECTV should merge.

    ...and now the bait is thrown out there, right from Charlie. Let's see if AT&T takes it.
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    Recommendations for Smaller Deep Fringe Antennas

    Ouch, that's about the WORST rabbitears report I've seen. Regardless, the ONLY way to really tell at any particular site, is to install an antenna and see what happens. IF there's anyway to get on outside, I'd highly recommend that. It also needs to be capable of BOTH UHF and high-VHF...
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    2010 Prius no AM/FM after Sirius subscription expired

    Apparently the Am/FM radio reception in the 2010 Prius is known to be horrible: Weak FM radio reception in 2010 Prius? I suggest you get a replacement radio. Crutchfield sells good ones. A DIY audio upgrade for a 2010 Toyota Prius
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    Router interference.

    My antenna system where I had the problem at our previous house was outside, and 40ft up on a pole. My Dell laptop power brick inside the house, still affected/jammed my VHF channel. Once I replaced it with a new Dell power brick I bought from Ebay, the problem went away. Just replace the power...
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    TVS Launching Free TV Streaming Service

    I bought a 4k Firestick on a sale a few weeks back, just for Airy. They don't have a Roku app yet, and I didn't want to wait.