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    Edision Mios Issue

    Ok, I knew I was getting Deja Vu with this post. What did you do to fix it back on this thread with the exact same issue, you never said: Issue Loading SatDreamGR NA Into My Edision Mio 4K Also, I meant changing the Refresh setting on the MIO, not your tv set. You can always take the Mio to...
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    Edision Mios Issue

    Have you tried to bring it up in the WEBIF screen, and see if it's actually up and running? It likely is, but just booted to a tv refresh rate your tv set can't handle. IF you can get to the menu's in Webif, get to the tv menu setting and change it to something standard that works with your tv...
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    Hard drive replacement on a Dish 722 k

    Nothing. It formats and sets itself up. Then you just re-create your timers.
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    Hard drive replacement on a Dish 722 k

    This one will work, I've used several of them in my 622, and later my 722k: If you can't see this Amazon link, temp disable your ad blocker, and hit refresh Seagate ST3500312CS : Make SURE you get the "CS" model. ONLY that one will work! Do not get the "C" model.
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    FCC to sell c band spectrum

    Here's the first filter for it: C-Band 5G Interference Reject Filter for Satellite Uplinks - Advantech Wireless Technologies Inc.
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    GEOSATpro GSP MicroHD channel editor Muzak PID issues

    Change the SID field to something else after making your changes, and save it.
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    The North American Project TNAP 2 Released 12/6/2019(OS MIO+ 4K ONLY)

    Arlo, El Bandido is a great guy, and really knows his stuff. He has NO problem sharing, and spending time helping others including you if you ask. IF you really want things such as this, E2 is open source, and you can check the various E2 image forums, AND ask El Bandido to help you figure out...
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    Vintage C-Band Dish Mover for Spare

    It works as-is just for driving your dish east or west. At least mine does. I never had to disable the sensor circuit, just don't try hooking that up to a reed switch actuator. It wouldn't be very useful without getting counts though.
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    The North American Project TNAP 2 Released 12/6/2019(OS MIO+ 4K ONLY)

    Just to mention in case there's any confusion, this DOES WORK on our "older" single sat tuner OS Mio 4k NON plus models. At least the pre-release beta version EB gave me does for sure. However, you WILL lose the front display, and the ATSC usb tuners won't work (except for the Hauppauge 955...
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    ses 1 signal

    Well, this is kind of a tough one, and if everything is really going the way you say, the likely only way to fix it is to start by checking all the connectors to make sure they are tight. Then, move on the replacing things one at a time, right on down the line. Just MOVING the dish might be...
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    ses 1 signal

    You do know that once water got into your lnbf, it likely also contaminated the coax itself, correct? It can wick right up inside. That can cause intermittent issues such as this. IF you have enough length to do this, I'd highly recommend that you cut off at least 12 inches off the coax end...
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    ses 1 signal

    It ONLY happens to Ses 1, and when that's out, you can immediately shift to another sat and it works fine on the same polarity? Can you give us some more details? All channels, or just a certain few? If so, which ones go out?
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    Their southern fried chicken dinner is fantastic!
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    Charcoal smoking 12lb turkey for Thanksgiving?

    2nd update, 6:45pm. Just finished eating smoked turkey dinner. It was in the smoker for 8.5 hours. Turned out great, if a little longer than I expected! First smoked turkey I ever did, definitely has a different "smoky" taste compared to "regular" over turkey. If we ever do it again, we'll get a...