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    Cancelled Dish

    Are you sure? When I activated a Wally in place of my 211K, the csr told me to recycle it. I asked if it could be activated again on my account or someone else's, she said emphatically "no".
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    Cord cutting on the cheap!

    The link you provided gives the following instructions. However, when I go to, there's no menu offering "Add TV". Anything I try to do online asks for my address then offers me conventional cable TV. How do you sign up for this internet Spectrum Choice? Do you have to be a...
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    Dish /T-Mobile

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    Dish /T-Mobile

    I like Ergenomics.
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    Island Cable Company

    Elon Musk
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    Cord cutting on the cheap!

    To use AppleTV, do you need an Apple ID and use iTunes and the App Store and such as that? In other words, do you have to buy into the whole Apple scene?
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    Xenforo Upgrade

    It's screwed up again this morning.
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    Xenforo Upgrade

    I'm using the SatelliteGuys Light - Default and I'm having the same kinds of issues. Not today, but have been since the beginning of time.
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    The YouTube TV Thread

    How can I get Yellowstone in other ways?
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    Has DISH Lost it ways?

    If you have to have cable, why are you getting DISH also?
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    Playmaker duel

    See if you can take it back and get a Winegard Pathway X2.
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    Xenforo Upgrade

    So, if I'm reading these statistics correctly.............those who use mobile devices are equal to Bots.
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    Xenforo Upgrade

    I don't know what you did, but this is the first time the Forum has worked right for me since you did the upgrade. No exploded avatars, blue screens, or elongated post full of machine language. I'm on Win10 and Firefox 72.0.2
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    Is the Pub being sponsored by Tesla now?

    How did they swing their website for free?
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    Going from a 722K to a Hopper

    I'm glad you finally changed your avatar to better represent the mental image I've always had of you. :)