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    Understanding the Shaw channel layout.

    As I said, If it makes you feel safer by all means unplug it and wait for 2 minutes for it to boot up again. But just so you know, even when customers call Shaw directly with a problem they have the customer pulling wires and swapping wires all while rec is hot. I get a lot of service calls...
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    Understanding the Shaw channel layout.

    FTA is a lot different that satellite my friend, I have been doing this for over 20 years and never blew one up yet. But if it makes you feel safer please do unplug it..
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    Understanding the Shaw channel layout.

    easiest way to check this is put receiver on a working channel, then swap cables from the dish on the back. if the channel comes back on then both cables are fine. No need to unplug the receiver to do this either.
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    Option 1 1 3 3

    No, that is currently in use only for commercial purposes such as condominiums. The price of the equipment is still pretty high and most people would not want to pay for that switch. But it sure would make our job a lot easier.
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    Shaw Satellite Finder

    Nothing of the sort! Someone is telling you a big Fib. Satellites don't move for one and until F1 & F2 need to be replaced it will never be a Canada only thing. (If then even) Especially When the Shaw boys own a house in Phoneix. If that was the case my phone would be ringing off the hook and...
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    60cm vs 75cm dish?

    Absolutely a 75 is better to bring you a stronger signal as well as a tad easier to tune in.
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    Shaw Direct

    FTA is kinda like 8 tracks now days. there is no support, very few suppliers carry them anymore and the content is not that great. We have a population of Portuguese folks around here and they use it for only 1 channel yet with an android box they could get over 99. Most do not have internet so...
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    Any use for my old Shaw receiver/Dish set up?

    Not really, you would need a new HD receiver and a New Xku lnb for the dish to make it work.
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    No signal from F1 or F2 satellite.

    I don't see any where that you mention your dish size? Assuming you have the larger 75cm dish for that far down your (solid 88 (6.3 dB) signal ) is not very good. It is not possible for Shaw to set you to only 1 satellite like G1 etc. It is possible however for you to be aimed to only 1...
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    Yuma Az. Shaw Direct questions.

    I don't think so, I talked to him a few months ago to see if he wanted to order more xku's this year to take and his wife does not want him to be climbing ladders anymore. I can give him a call though and see?
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    No signal from F1 or F2 satellite.

    This has all been covered in previous posts. "Do Not Move the Dish"! leave the rec on 4321, then find a channel that works down there like 002 or 003, if you can not change to them because your rec is set for factory default try 396 or 291. It really does not matter what channel as long as you...
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    No signal from F1 or F2 satellite.

    Any winegard dish prior to Nov 2017 needs an expensive upgrade to lock into the new shaw Mpeg 4 signal. GPS unit in the motor turrent has to be replaced as well as the controller inside.
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    No signal from F1 or F2 satellite.

    4378 will only work with the new Xku lnb, the 4320's will only work for the old LNB. Either setup will still only get F1 & F2 channels down south. At some point the 4320's will be automatically changed to 4378 and the old lnb's will be completely useless. Shaw is switching everyone to the same...
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    No signal from F1 or F2 satellite.

    The 4378 is the only code that will be working going forward. All the others are discontinued. Shaw is the only one that can change it. That is why I told you to take it to a know good working dish, put it on a channel that gets a signal, then Call Shaw (not from an American number either) and...
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    No signal from F1 or F2 satellite.

    Friends 1,2,3 have a new LNB and the correct V-code in their receivers to make it work. your box now is set to the old default code from a factory reset (4352) this will be very hard to tune in your dish now as there will be only a very few channels available that work. your brothers is on 4322...