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  1. JimWH

    You know you're paying too much for TV when....

    Maybe just wiped out.
  2. JimWH

    Dish receiver on a non interruptible power supply.

    Dumb question maybe. Are you plugged into a powered socket on the UPS. Mine has 2 sides. One has power the Surge protect only.
  3. JimWH

    Said Goodbye to DISH

    After about 20 years I've dropped DISH. I was paying separately for TV, Phone and Internet to 3 providers. I got a bundle offer I couldn't refuse from Spectrum which gives me more TV, internet and phone for less than I was paying DISH alone. So far only issue is getting used to new remote and...
  4. JimWH

    why is it so difficult to get a bottom line price?

    It's like buying a mattress. They don't want you to be able to compare prices.
  5. JimWH

    channels we are missing in High defintion on dish network

    It seems that there is HD and then there is HD. Sometimes a program on my local cable looks sharper than when viewed on DISH. That said, I'm a big fan of El Rey and would love that to be HD.
  6. JimWH

    New Look

    I'm not sure that this is the best place to post this, but I just wanted to congratulate those that run this site on the new look. It is clean, attractive and efficient.
  7. JimWH

    Have Sat TV - Who provides your internet service.

    I do live in the Tampa area and have been considering this. The reason for my post was to see if any other options were out there. Thanks to all who to took the time to respond. People like you are make this site worth visiting.
  8. JimWH

    Have Sat TV - Who provides your internet service.

    I have DISH for TV. For my internet I used the local cable company's 'basic service'. This was their cheapest option. In addition to the internet it provides local and some non-scrambled cable without needing a box. The price of this has been going up. Any suggestions besides dropping DISH and...
  9. JimWH

    DISH Issue?

    I have Showtime GO linked with my DISH account. Every few weeks when I try to watch it asks for a new validation code. When trying to enter it on the Showtime site, the process is a bit dodgy. Any body else experience this?
  10. JimWH

    DirecTV, Dish to offer 4K Olympics

    Wow, we will be able to see al the poop in the water in super-hi definition.
  11. JimWH

    DISH's second quarter number posted and they lost 281,000 subs

    If you recall the Steve Martin routine where he sells a single show ticket for one million dollars, this appears to be the DISH model. Charge more money to fewer subscribers.
  12. JimWH

    Tribune Broadcasting Company Blacks Out DISH Customers in 33 Markets;

    I was about to point out the same thing when I saw your post.
  13. JimWH

    DISH Price Increases

    Hey, were losing customers. What’ll we do? Raise prices! – This ultimately is the Steve Martin concert approach. Sell just one seat for a million dollars.
  14. JimWH

    siriusxm scream radio music channel on dish?

    Next month a few Sirius and other channels will go into temporary Christmas mode. I think we even get a Chanukah station for a while. For all the TV channels available sometime there is nothing worth watching or sometimes you just want some background music. A bit of Halloween music either from...
  15. JimWH


    I saw that Nickelodeon is launching Splat. This is a vehicle for its 90’s programming like Rugrats and Hey Arnold. I don’t know if it will be a separate channel or just a programming block on an existing one. If a new channel, what are the chances DISH will have it given their warm relationship...
  16. JimWH

    Dish network arbitration email

    Is DISH preparing to do something that will so incense their customers that they foresee a big class action suit coming?
  17. JimWH

    Unable to view WPIX Channel 919 on ViP 211z

    As the Mets are in first this year, as an old Queens native living in Florida I'm glad I kept it as well. Though why WPIX had to clutter things up with the Yankees I'll never know.
  18. JimWH

    Unable to view WPIX Channel 919 on ViP 211z

    WPIX is a local to NYC channel it is part of a package whose name I forget, DISH no longer offers but has grandfathered for those who already had it. IT includes WWOR, KTLA, WSBK and a Denver station, all in SD.
  19. JimWH

    Hannah and Her Horse