721 Software Update Problem!


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Sep 30, 2003
I started receiving the update today and when I went to check the status of it on the Update screen, I noticed that it only got up to step 7 out of 21. Then it started to go into some loop which caused it to keep on starting over and it never seemed to get past step 3 again. I did a reboot and when I checked the Software Update screen it said that there are no updates available. I am still stuck on L1.12. Is there anyway for me to prompt the download to start again? Or do I need to call Tech support and have them send me a hard software update signal?
Does the software download every hour at a certain time once the software has been released for an x number of days then only download every so many hours or how does it work?
Yes, the software is "looped" sent over and over again. It can not start downloading from the middle, it needs to wait for the software start in order to download.
So instead of it being like a program you can install at any time on a computer, this has only one program being sent at a time in which you have to wait until the beginning before it starts downloading.

I have some shows where there are two shows recording at the same time and I am away from home right now so that is why I am asking about this. The receiver should still be able to download the software even when the receiver is on because it downloads on the second tuner, an I right? The 501/508/510 would have to be off to receive any software updated because of there only being one tuner?
That is correct Jacob, when both tuners are in use it will not grab the download, however when your second tuner frees up it will download the software on its next pass. :D
force download on 721pvr


I tried doing your trick to pip,swap, pip wait all night still no download. Any other ideas...tried unplug unit and card no help

And keep calling Dish Support, asking for Advanced Tech Support, until you actually get someone that knows what they're talking about. It's somewhat of a roulette game with them. At least half the time or more you get someone who makes you jump hoops for no reason as they've no clue themselves what to do.
L115 still a no show!

After talking to many in advanced tech support They are going to advance replace on thursday if no change...in other words the dont have an f'ing clue :(

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