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    It's been a year now since the DISH Network Internet Response Team (or as well lovingly call them DIRT) first joined us! They have become a blessing to SatelliteGuys and our members over that year!

    The DIRT team can help with many DISH Network issues, from billing issues, hardware upgrades to basic tech support! But there are some things that the DIRT guys have no control over please understand that the DIRT team can take your requests and submit them to the programming department but they can't magicaly just turn on channels that DISH does not carry. Nor can they violate or change any laws that DISH must adhere to in regards to local channels. The DIRT Team also can submit software trouble reports when a software issue is reported however they can not click their fingers and make those bugs go away or tell you when updated software is going to come out which may fix those bugs.

    As much as we consider the DIRT team to be magical unfortunately they can't magically fix everything, so if there is something that the DIRT team can not fix instantly we urge you to be patient and to not shoot the messengers as they are trying their best!

    We thank DISH Network and the DIRT Team for being here and thank you for choosing SatelliteGuys to help with all your DISH Network needs! :)
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    The DIRT Team has provided us with a schedule to better help our Dish Customers / Members know when they are online.

    Mike H.
    Sunday-Thursday 6am-2:30pm MT

    Andrea B.
    Friday-Monday 6am-5pm MT

    Tommy F.
    Sunday-Wednesday 6am-5pm MT

    Cheri T
    Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday 7am-6pm MT

    Kim E.
    Sunday-Thursday 8am-4:30pm MT

    Becki B.
    Wednesday-Saturday 12pm-11pm MT

    Andrew E.
    Saturday-Tuesday 11:30am-10:309m MT

    Jason S.
    Sunday-Wednesday 12pm-11pm MT

    Chris S.
    Wednesday-Saturday 11am-10pm MT

    Matt G
    Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday 11am-10pm

    Dan B.
    Wednesday-Sunday 2:30pm-11pm

    Sarah J
    Sunday-Wednesday 12pm-11pm MT

    Zach S
    Wednesday-Saturday 6am-5pm MT
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