An Autumn Weekend in AM Stereo....

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Oct 13, 2007
West Central Michigan
Saturday at 8 AM: The Twilight zone Radio Dramas and the episode, "And Cauldron Bubble"

Saturday at 11 AM: Randy Edwards' takes us to October 7th, 1967

Saturday from 6 to 9 PM: Barry Scott's "Lost 45's show brings you great songs, interviews with artists and fun!

Sunday Morning at 8 AM: Pastor Ken Harger's message from the Lighthouse is, "The Living Word of God is Food for our Lives"

Sunday Morning 9-11 AM: Retro Stars, the 80's Show

Sunday at 3 PM: Encore presentation of Edwards' Arvhives
Sunday at 8 PM: Encore presentation of the Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

Please remember that we'll be installing some new equipment Sunday Morning and will be shutting down our AM signal, this will require some "down" time to properly set-up the equipment. We may also be doing some work on our FM, same notation, but not simultaneously. If you have questions or concerns, e-mail us through our "contact" page at or message us (@i1430) on Facebook.
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