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Oct 13, 2007
West Central Michigan
Especially to AM STEREO!

Start your weekend Friday evening with the Popeye John Show on WION....and he'd LOVE to have some requests! He'll be in-studio 6 to 9 PM in a request at 527-9466, it NOW at 844-700-WION and use the Popeye John voicemail box.

Saturday at 8AM it's the Twilight Zone Radio Drama with the episode, "A Passage for Trumpet"...

Saturday at 11AM, Edwards' Archives takes us to November 12, of the year, 1971. (Jim Carlyle was all of 7 years old, by the way at that time)

Saturday from 6 to 9 PM it's Barry Scott's Lost 45's, and the theme, " SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LESSON: NUMBERS!"

Sunday at 8 AM, Pastor Ken Harger's "Message from the Lighthouse" is, "To Be a Disciple is to Follow Jesus"

Sunday at 9, we go back to the 1980's with "Retro Stars the 80's Show" and your host Dave Stewart

Sunday at 3PM: Encore of Edwards Archives
Sunday at 8PM Encore of Twilight Zone Radio Dramas
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