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Sep 29, 2005
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Cablevision's plan to host recording function has Oxygen, Discovery execs crying foul.
April 9, 2006: 7:34 PM EDT

ATLANTA (Reuters) - A plan by Cablevision Systems Corp. to let cable television viewers pause and store programs on the cable system instead of living room set-top boxes drew the ire of some programmers, two network owners said Sunday.

The discussion is one of the closely watched topics at the annual cable industry show sponsored by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association starting Sunday.

Oxygen Media Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Geraldine Laybourne said lawyers at all programming networks were reviewing Cablevision's so-called Network DVR, or digital video recorder, plans for copyright issues.

"I think there are gigantic copyright issues that programmers are dealing with right now," Laybourne, who is co-chair of the show, said after asked for her thoughts on the plan.

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