Canadian Pay TV Landscape Gets New Channel (1 Viewer)


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Apr 18, 2005
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The first new player on Canada's pay-television scene is almost twenty years has been named.

Allarco Entertainment Inc., has been given the go-ahead to operate a national pay-TV service by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

Allarco, a broadcast group owned by the Edmonton-based Allard family, will compete with Corus Entertainment in Western Canada and Astral Media in Eastern Canada. Allarco expects to be up and running with its high definition, mulit-channel offering early next year.

The company says it will have one full channel of Canadian content, and in its application, it pledges to spend $1 million annually for marketing of Canadian programs. Reinvestment of 100 per cent of profits in programming but, regardless of profits, 32 per cent of revenues annually, is another commitment.

The CRTC began public hearings last year for premium television channel applicants; it did turn down competing applications for both English-and French-language premium services.

The unsuccessful applicants were:
-Spotlight, a joint venture between George Burger, a former executive with Alliance Communications (before its Alliance-Atlantis merger) and sports mogul Larry Tanenbaum, chair of the private investment company Kilmer Van Norstrand.
-BoomTV, a bilingual proposal from the Archambault Group, Quebecor Media and Sun Media, the Videotron cable service and an eastern Canada music and video store chain.
-The Canadian Film Channel, from Channel Zero, operators of the current diginets Moviola and Silver Screen Classics.

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