Comcast Gets History’s 10 Days Early (1 Viewer)


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Apr 18, 2005
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The History Channel is partnering with Comcast Corp. for a multiplatform premiere of programming from 10-part series 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America before it airs on the channel.

Comcast Digital Cable customers will be able to view the first episode in the Civil War series, Antietam, April 2 on video-on-demand, one week before its April 9 TV premiere. The other nine episodes will be available to Comcast On Demand subscribers one week after their on-air premieres.

At the same time, Comcast high-speed-Internet customers will have access to video clips of behind-the scenes footage and interviews with the special’s directors. Some of that same content, plus interviews with historians involved in the project, will be available to on-demand subscribers.

For its part, Comcast is promoting the VOD and broadband programming through a marketing mix that includes cross-channel spots promoting the linear broadcast, bill stuffers, direct-mail pieces, e-mail marketing and an online presence (

History said this is the first time it’s debuted a program on VOD before its network premiere.

The entire series looks at 10 watershed events in American history. Two one-hour programs will premiere each night April 9-13.

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