Daylight Savings Time

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  1. Daylight Savings Time


    Don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight as Daylight Saving Time goes into effect early Sunday morning!

    This is also a great time to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, change batteries if needed and check your fire extinguisher's for charge!
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  3. Thanks for the reminder!
  4. Thanks!
  5. What a colossal waste of time.
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  6. In Montana we are considering legislation to quit the DST nonsense.
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  7. legislation here to stay on DST...
  8. I did not know any state was considering staying on it year round. Perhaps I misread your post.
  9. I am all for this.
    Several states want to stop the time changing. The split is some want to stay on DST and some want to stay on Standard Time year round.
    Personally I would prefer they put it on DST and left it alone.
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  10. CA is looking to stay on standard time all year. I would prefer staying on DST all year.

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  11. Oklahoma tried to pass the legislation last year to stay on Standard Time, but the Senator got all wish washy that proposed the bill and then it couldn't get through the Senate after it passed one of the House Committees.

    Personally I would prefer to stay on Standard Time but really just pick one and stay there. For whatever reason I'm one of those people that doesn't adjust well to the Spring change.
  12. I also would prefer an earlier sunset in the summer when it's 100F or more and humidity in the 85-90% category.
  13. TN had a bill a few yrs ago to end this practice, it didn't go through. I'm all for it....If everybody else does it. I don't want to be the state that does it and all the surrounding states don't. It needs to be all or none IMO.
  14. Being on the eastern side of Mountain time in the summer the sun sets at 8:15 or so on the longest day, I like having the sun later...
  15. Today I spent a few hours cleaning up some of the fallout of our DST efforts. We have some legacy systems that, for what ever reason, don't "Spring Forward" properly, even though the same procedure ran without problems on other systems. For example, my person workstation (also named FOXBAT:: ) jumped back one hour and forty-five minutes. &*#@^$^$(***??HUH?? The other two nodes in the cluster worked perfectly.

    Our state used to abstain from this clock-changing madness. Just over a decade ago, our Governor decided that Hoosiers were the laughing stock of the United States of America because no one knew what time it was. The year after that, the whole nation expanded the period of DST so "Standard" tie is no longer the Standard, but "Wasting" time instead of "Saving". Our Governor knew that the nation was going that was, but pushed to enact Indiana's DST move anyway. So, we had to go through this production disruption twice in two years. Please excuse me if I despise changing clocks twice a year for no F#**@&#%%$&* reason.
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  16. It's Daylight SAVING Time, not savings.
  17. I would love to get rid of DST all together and pick one.

    The problem it needs to be uniform with the entire nation.

    Detroit is on eastern Time, I like being on Eastern Time.

    The problem is if you keep the time where it's at now, come October or early November we are an hour ahead of New York and everyone in eastern time.

    If you leave it as an hour behind, then we are in the central time zone half of the year. I don't want to be in the central time zone.

    The only solution Is for all 50 states to abolish day light savings time all together.

    I prefer whatever time zone that gives us the most light further into the evening.

    Btw I refuse to change my clocks also. I usually just subtract an hour during the winter months.

    The is the first time in years we didn't loose power and I had to set my clocks to the correct time.
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  18. Uhhh when did this all happen?
  19. It is insane to think EST should be year round. Who wants Sunset at 7PM as you go through July and dropping to 6:30PM through August in Boston and much of the East Coast like Virginia Beach? Same for Los Angeles, San Francisco etc. September 5:45 PM to 6:00 PM and it's dark already? Just economically alone it is never going to be EST year round for everyone. In Tampa it is light till about 6PM even on the shortest daylight winter days and 6:30 PM for much of Winter when we are having some of the best weather of the year. 5PM to 5:30 PM would not make any sense. Right now it is light till 7:30 PM - 7:45 PM being at DST, beaches and parks stay open etc.

    The problem is being at the begining of a time zone compared to the end, and being more South than North has different outcomes. As one example, in Boston on July 15th it is dark at about 8:00 to 8:15. In Buffalo NY the same time zone it is dark on July 15th between 8:45 and 9PM.
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