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Sep 3, 2011
Dish pointing

Had a problem with my automatic sat system on my motorhome , Its a Kathrein Cap 900 system , I wanted to manually align the dish using the settings menu and the remote , I went on Dish Pointer entered my location and Astra 28.2 ,the figures I was given were Elev 23.5 / Azim 146.0 /Skew 11.8 ,tried these and nothing , after much manual tuning and guesswork I found 28.2 and according to my on screen display the settings were Elev 22.5 / Azim 50.3 /Skew 19.0
Can anyone explain the variation especially with the Azim .
Tried this at different location with similar results
Appreciate any advice ,so I can manually tune more efficiently in future




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Sep 4, 2007
Where does the dish point when you enter 180 as azimuth? Along the vehicle axis or towards South?

I'm not sure how clever that system is but in order to be able to enter an azimuth the system must know the orientation of the vehicle, i.e. determine either by compass or gps. But an azimuth of 50 degrees, using the conventional definition, would put the satellite North-East, which is not true assuming you are North of the equator.

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