DishPointer AR Compass experiences on iPhone 4S


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May 7, 2012
The Netherlands
I am running the DishPointer AR App on my iPhone 4S. A very nice app but the compass is very "damped". When I point he phone and wait unitl the satellittes appear and then slowly move the phone left or right over a small distance, the satellites stay on the same place on the screen. When I move over quiete a distance, the satellites suddenly start to move to the right position.
So it is impossible to finetune the position to get the right satellite in the middle of the screen; it always 'overshoots'.
I asked Alan if it is possible to make an adjustable dampening in the app but I think he does not think it is a problem however it is my biggest problem now.
I also checked the built-in comapss app of my iPhone and this compass is much more responsive.

What are your experiences?


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