DishPointer Augmented Reality or AR Pro ? What are the differences?


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I just got an Apple iPhone 4S and I am still learning it. (It's quite a different phone than my previous BB Torch.)

I do a little satellite work (Shaw Direct & Bell) from time to time for friends. I'm toying with grabbing this App as it would certainly make it easier to look for LOS obstacles. (It does seem a little pricey :eek:)

Can anyone tell me what are the differences between DishPointer Augmented Reality and AR Pro? Is this a rock solid App for the 4S?

Thanks for the assist.


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Sep 4, 2007
If you are just doing work for your friends get the non-pro version. The major difference is that the pro version lets you edit the satellite list (e.g. delete, add or rename satellites) but all the major satellites are also on the non-pro version anyway.

Yep, the app works great on the 4S.


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I just bought the app "Dishpointer Pro" are there any instruction on how to Calibrate this thing? How to set pixel per degree mapping? "Level Inclination" how to enter inclination off-set? "Level Skew" Enter skew offset in degrees?


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Well I decided to go for it. I went for the Pro version as I couldn't seem to find the non-pro version. I checked out a couple installs for obstacles and it's very impressive. If I did this for a living I'd certainly have this app. I think a buddy of mine is going to get it for when he travels with his trailer. He's got a Tripod and will take one of his home receivers with them on vacation. This would help him a lot.

I just wish it had more detailed instructions.


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He immediately downloaded it right there while we were having a Beer...


I was visiting my buddy with his trailer on the long weekend and showed him how easy it would be if he had it to set up his Shaw Direct system. (He's already got a tripod, and the trailer has a SAT input pre-wired in addition to a cable connection.) He immediately downloaded it right there while we were having a Beer. So now all he needs is another dish & Xku LNB.

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