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Check out this link hxxp:// (replace the x's) and you'll see that I have been discussing an anomaly between's skew calculations for Astra's 2E & 2F satellites.
In summary, one of the conclusions of the discussion was that the polarization of these new Astra 2 satellites is pre-skewed by +7.5 degs. It seems's skew calculation for Astra 2F at 28.2E has taken this pre-skew angle into account. The resultant skew calculation from my location comes out as -18.7 degs. However, when I select Astra 2E at 28.4E the skew calculation is shown as -26.3 degs. This large difference in dishpointer's skew calculation for these two Astra satellites, separated in space by a mere 0.2 degs, simply cannot be correct. The final conclusion of that particular discussion is that has forgotten to include the +7.5 degs pre-skew in the algorithm behind its LNB skew calculation for Astra 2E.

If we members of have reached the wrong conclusion then please let me know. Otherwise please bring our findings to the attention of the admins at

By the way, it seems that a number of other dish alignment sites, and even my own Windows Phone GPS app, have failed to include the necessary +7.5 pre-skew offset in their calculations for both of the above new Astra 2 satellites!!


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