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WS International DMX211 C Band LNB
The DMX211 extended C band LNB is an excellent choice to replace the existing C band LNB on your current Chaparral Co Rotor II Plus. It's also a great choice for any other feedhorn.​

Technical Specifications:
Input Frequency: 3.4-4.2GHz
Output Frequency: 950-1750MHz
Noise Figure: 13K
Gain: 70dB
Polarity: 1 (Hor or Ver)

Importers welcome: Our DMX line of C, Ku, and CKu band LNBFs are the most popular choice among the professionals, including satellite installers, engineers, broadcasters, and end-users. Private label and OEM available!

Wholesale prices: To become an authorized WS International reseller or distributor, please visit our website to register:

Retail Prices: For the latest & up to date retail price, please visit our retail site at, purchase from any authorized WS International reseller or dealer, or order below.

1-2pcs, $15.00/pc
3pcs, $14.50/pc
4pcs, $14.00/pc
5pcs, $13.50pc
6pcs, $13.00/pc



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Cool, I bought a couple of these and was wondering what frequency I should set the receiver to in order to blind scan the proper transponders.

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