Ergen: Must-Carry Is Due for a 'Tweak'


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Dec 3, 2006
Kent County, Delaware
"Take Salisbury, Md., which is missing NBC. That would be economical to do today except we can't bring NBC to our customers, so nobody is going to buy it from us."

At least my DMA is on charlies radar (Salisbury)... hopefully they will figure something out so we can get some sort of locals


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Aug 5, 2005
All non-coms receive must-carry now anyway.
I got the impression, by talking about home shopping type stations, that Charlie was primarily wanting to limit commercial stations with the 20 hour a week rule. I think non-coms would almost have to be exempted. Too many churches/ministries own local stations yet would not be able to meet the 20 hour rule. And, yes, PBS would put up a fight as well. Although, it's a shame they can't come to some sort of arrangement with satellite operators, and I mean better than their DirecTV deal. Why not trade must-carry of local PBS stations in exchange for a super high bit rate PBS HD that would carry national telethons on a regular basis (with the cash distributed to local stations equitably) - and several PBS SD streams such as Create, World, etc. Or, maybe even require people to donate to their local PBS, in order to get the super high bit rate HD stream on sat.

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