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Sep 30, 2011
I am new on this site and hope that someone can help me with my problem. I have a explorer 8300hd+ pvr which I have owned for almost 2 years (cable subscriber) . The pvr has worked fine till last month . Now what has happened is that wether I am watching live or recorded shows there are constant freezes on the image and sound (only lasts a split second but is recurring). This does not happen on all my channels (all the hd channels work fine). I have tried a regular hd box on my tv and every channel works fine. The signal strength varies between 3 to 7 dbmv the s/n is 37. I thought the internal hard drive was the problem so i switched it. However no luck the problem is still there! Can anyone help me with this problem (pvr is no longer under warranty). Thank you in advance for you help.


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Apr 16, 2007
Does this happen with movies only (24fps) or with video material (60fps) as well?
What is the TV? How is the PVR connected? What are the specs of the PVR output signal?


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