Final Tune-ups today..then "Smooth Sailing"...


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Oct 13, 2007
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we hope!

Thursday on WION may be an "on again off again" day. Let us tell you why:

For everything we do to improve, there's an equal rule or regulation we have to follow. In improving the FM, we have to measure our AM under "night" low power, and readjust the towers back to their FCC licensed electrical values. That's tomorrow. (Thursday the 17th).This will require lowering the AM power and perhaps a shutdown for the engineer's safety.

In installing the new FM transmitter, it needs some calibration and the antennas checked WITHOUT the FM being on to assure that the installation meets the license precisely and is functioning. That's also tomorrow. (Thursday, the 17th.)

And...Charter/Spectrum is coming to diagnose an issue of low outgoing speed which developed today, but, they have remotely already made sure we have plenty of "stream width" available, so you should NOT have any more interruptions except if the technician wants to run some tests tomorrow. As of tonight, speeds for the stream have more headroom than ever, and hopefully...fingers crossed and praying here...the stream should be "normal" no matter what device or app you choose to use!

I know you may wonder why I put up these notices. I place them here not to show problems, but to show you we're aware of issues, we do not want anything but the best service to you on AM, FM and the internet, and to let you know these will be planned outages, not problems we're having. With fingers crossed, and a literal prayer that Mother Nature leaves WION untouched this Spring and Summer, after all this is finished, we hope for many long months of uninterrupted service.

Please accept this apology for inconvenience in advance of Thursday, and our thanks for your loyalty. We'll let you know when all is "normal" (as it can be in radio) tomorrow night.

It looks like we may have a normal streaming morning!!!!

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