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Oct 13, 2007
West Central Michigan
Friday morning 6-9 EDT

WION welcomes Ionia Public Schools Superintendent Ron Wilson, to talk a bit about the school, and more about the Saturday event, "The Grand River Tour DeIonia Bike Ride!" You can still get involved, and still ride! It's a fundraiser for the Ionia Rotary Club's scholarship programs and local community projects! Join Jim and Phil at the round table!

Saturday at 8 AM, the Twilight Zone Radio Dramas present the episode, "The Grave" starring Michael Rooker.

Saturday at 11 AM: Randy Edwards goes musically to September 16th, 1969 on Edwards' Archives! This show is a WION exclusive (heard nowhere else!!) Join in the fun!

Saturday from 6-9 PM, Barry Scott concludes his 3-part "Top 100 requests" Lost 45 series, composed of your requests and favorites at!

Sunday at 8 AM, Pastor Ken Harger's message from the lighthouse is, "In Worship of God, There is a Fragrance of Joy!"

Sunday from 9-11 AM it's back to the 80's on "Retro Stars, the 80's show" with your host Dave Stewart.

Sunday at 3 PM: Encore presentation of Edwards' Archives

Sunday at 8 PM: Encore presentation of The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas