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Apr 18, 2005
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Insight Communications estimated Wednesday about 4,000 Springfield customers remain without cable service.

The city's cable-television and Internet service provider is waiting for power to be restored to some of its equipment throughout the city, said Jon Danielsen, Insight's district vice president for central Illinois.

Also, some fiber lines and cable-signal hubs were cut either by Sunday's storm or by utility crews working to restore power. Danielsen said five or six signal hubs had been cut, and as many as 500 homes are served off a single hub.

"We're somewhat at the mercy of the power company because there is so much that is still down," Danielsen said. "It's a priority to get power lines up and working."

Danielsen said Insight subscribers who have electricity but not cable might have sustained damage to "cable drops" - the coaxial cables from Insight's poles that are connected to their homes.

"It's not too hard for those to get pulled out and dropped down because those usually run either around trees or near trees," Danielsen said.

Insight is taking customer-service calls at 788-5656, and Danielsen said service crews are being dispatched for customers in areas that are receiving power.

Danielsen said Insight's Springfield office, 711 S. Dirksen Parkway, is blocked off from the north and south by road closures to restore power. Customers who need to pay their bills may do so at City Water, Light and Power offices in the Municipal Center downtown.

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