Interactive TV features on BEV available on E* too?


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Sep 8, 2003
Moreno Valley, CA
I just got an e-mail from BEV about upcoming PPV events. At the bottom was this paragraph about a new feature coming to "Hockey Night in Canada" broadcasts:

Introducing Hockey Night In Canada Plus.
Hurry free preview ends Jan. 10

Bell ExpressVu and the CBC are going to get you closer to the game than ever before. All Bell ExpressVu customers with an iTV capable receiver (models 3100, 5100 and 5800) can tune into channel 276 at game-time for a free preview of the future of hockey coverage. On the screen, you'll find six interactive prompts. You can choose to watch the regular CBC coverage, a player cam, replays, an updated highlight reel or up to the minute stats - and you'll never miss any of the action. This is one Saturday night game you're not going to want to miss. Free Preview ends January 10th. HNIC Plus will be available for subscription for just $29.99 until the end of the regular season. Subscribe before March 1st to get both the regular season and playoffs for just $109.99 - a $40 discount.

What I would like to know is:

-What is it?
-Is something that we might also see on the NHL Centre Ice package on Dish since they carry HNIC telecasts.

Does anyone with BEV know anything about this?
You really must be Canadian "centre"

--just joking, not making fun
rtt2 said:
You really must be Canadian "centre"

...not that there's anything WRONG with that!

Nah, I was using the Canadian spelling because I was referring to a Canadian programming package. I did live in Toronto for about (aboot) three years when I was a kid though.