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    Are not caused at our studios or the servers.
    We normally use Charter as our ISP, but this morning reports came in that our streams were down. Charter's upload capabilities were below minimal.

    We switched to our backup DSL, and found it slightly better, but it's still having issues...on a completely different supplier.

    After conversations with Scott from here at Satelliteguys, we have concluded that a major "connection" somewhere outside of our area is limiting upload bandwidth, and so, even using our backup DSL has not fixed the problem. The problem is not local here, not something we can complain about to Charter or AT&T, we just have to wait for the fix.

    Sorry, Folks.
    Don't know what areas of our state or other parts of the U.S. may be affected, we've heard from listeners in Indiana that they are having local issues with yet a 3rd ISP this morning.

    And ...we wait. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Hopefully it is will straighten itself out soon. :(
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    we wait....and wait. It's an odd thing that two unrelated services have this issue.
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    SPEEDS ARE BACK! Above where they used to be! You should have almost no chance of our source streams going down!
    Thank you Charter Technnical help desk....who corrected an issue, and...upped our outgoing speeds to make them better than ever.


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