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Aug 8, 2012
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Hey all,

I'll be getting my first dish in the next week or two, and I bought the app for my girlfriend's iPhone 3GS to figure out exactly how I'll be setting it up. Unfortunately, that means there are lots of electronics right where I'll be setting up the dish, and the iPhone gets too much interference for the compass to be of any use. I've tried to reduce interference by taking the fan out of my window, and I even unplugged my amplified antenna just for paranoia's sake. Still, the phone is picking up a lot of interference. I have a feeling the culprits are the ATT and Comcast boxes in my downstairs neighbor's storage space, which is about 6 feet from where I want the dish. There's also a fat bundle of coax running through my storage space to run TV to the 36 units in my building, about two feet from where the dish will go. Is there any way to reduce this interference? Should I cover the floor/wall of my storage space with some sort of wire mesh or aluminum foil? Should I just be patient and wait for the solar outage days to figure out where the dish will go? I like the Dishpointer app, and it seems to work fine pretty much anywhere else. It just stinks that the hardware running it is having issues.

I know this is more of a general electromagnetic interference question than a Dishpointer question, but I figured I'd ask here since it seems like the best for the job for a noob.

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Jul 12, 2012
I'd jot down the sat location information from a nearby good location and note a distant object to be used for the heading since the compass doesn't work for you. You might never be able to eliminate the interference.

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