It's CES Week!

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  1. It's CES Week!

    This week is CES week, and SatelliteGuys will be there on the show floor in Las Vegas, NV covering it for you! Our coverage starts on Wednesday afternoon right here at SatelliteGuys!
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  2. Funny. I was sure it was next week.

    Good luck, have fun, and get some face time with Vivek (& Charlie).
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  3. Fantastic. I hope you have adequate Internet service this time so you can post pics and videos. :D
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  4. Eva just came home from Best Buy with a gift for me. :)


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  5. that camcorder is the on need to film bands and car shows where we live i have been using a sony HD camcorder
  6. It's gonna make great video at CES! Atta girl Eva!
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  7. I wish I could be out West to join you, but I have other matters to attend to this year. Maybe 2018 and the "Hopper 4"?:)

    And Prize Goddess has outdone herself! We'll be waiting with barely-contained excitement for the 4K Coverage! Thanks, PG, for letting Scott keep us junkies supplied with the latest Tech knowledge...
  8. I got the exact same one. Awesome camera.
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  9. Yup 4 am Eastern Time and I am just about to board my plane. It's going to be a long day as I have stuff planned until 11 pm pacific time. :)

    Good morning!

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  10. 4K video vs. typical Las Vegas Internet Bandwidth. This should be interesting! :popcorn
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  11. scott keeps us updated what is going on with dish tell vivek i said hi
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  12. Since there is no Dish booth this year, can you check out the Tivo with OTA tuner, Roku, Nvidia, Chrome and other TV streaming hardware providers that are out there.
    I am very interested in Tivo lately.
  13. There is a DISH booth, just no DISH press conference. :)

    We will try to hit those, but are VERY limited on time this year.
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  14. Is there anything on display in the DISH booth?
  15. Don't know the show don't open until tomorrow. :)
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  16. I'm interested in learning if this will ever come to the Wally ( 2 sat & 1 ota ), more information about the two tuner OTA dongle ( will it work with the VIP211Z? ) and the DPH42 and if two Hopper 3s will be allowed when it becomes available. Thanks in advance for any updates.
  17. There were two announcements in my Dish twitter feed, but not about the new Dish AirTV Player 4K Android TV OTB with OTA, Netflix, and SlingTV. If it were also capable of being a 4K Joey, then Dish would finally have 4K Netflix on a Joey...
  18. Folks this year is a SCREWED UP edition of CES...

    Yesterday was press day where all the companies have their big press conferences. Well for some reason this year they have added a second press day which is today. The floor of CES does not open until tomorrow (Thursday) meaning we will only get one day on the CES floor.

    I have been talking to a number of folks who are media... or who have booths and they are not happy about this. The ones who have booths here thought the show floor would be open today so they paid for their staff to be out here, and basically its going to be a vacation day for them.

    With that said later tonight we will be meeting with DIRECTV, so the day is not a total loss.
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  19. Thanks for the updates Scott. I was wondering if DirecTV would change things up and actually show something this year. Now under the arm of AT&T things may go a different direction. Dish has always impressed.