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  1. We hope you'll take WION along this holiday weekend....Here's the Lineup!

    Friday 6-9 AM, Barry Scott sits in for the round-table show, with his musical stops in Chicago and Detroit

    Saturday at 8 AM: The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas and the episode, "The Dummy" starring Bruno Kirby.

    Saturday at 11 AM: Randy Edwards "musically" takes us to September 2, 1966 with his "Edwards' Archives!"

    Saturday from 6-9 PM, it's part one of Barry Scott's famous "Top 100 Lost 45's" on "The Lost 45s" show

    Sunday at 8 AM, Pastor Ken Harger's Message from the Lightouse is, "Labor Day: Watching the work Unfold!"

    Sunday from 9-11 AM we go back to the 1980's with Dave Stewart's "Retro Stars the 80's Show!"

    Sunday at 3PM: Encore Presentation of Edwards' Archives

    Sunday at 8 PM: Encore Presentation of The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas
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