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Oct 13, 2007
West Central Michigan
AM STEREO 1430's GREAT weekend lineup for LABOR DAY WEEKEND.

Friday Morning in place of the "Round Table" show, enjoy the "Lost 45's" in an Encore presentation of the theme "Teen Idols" with many rarities, surprises, and much more!

FRIDAY NIGHT- 6 TO 9 PM: Popeye John hosts 3 hours of classic rock! Visit his facebook page, and drop him a line!

SATURDAY 8AM: THE TWILIGHT ZONE RADIO DRAMAS Episode: "From Agnes with Lovel" in which a supercomputer is in love and jealous of it's programmer.....SCARY!

SATURDAY 11AM: EDWARDS ARCHIVES (WION Exclusive) Takes us back musically to the weekend of September 5th, 1973! You'll love this show!

SATURDAY 6 TO 9 PM: "THE LOST 45's" with Barry Scott brings you his annual "Top 100" countdown, part 1! Don't miss this great show, and e-mail Barry anytime at:

SUNDAY 8AM: SHILOH COMMUNITY CHURCH message with Pastor Ken Harger, this week: "Real Faith Reveals Itself in Works" Pastor Harger is a kind man, and local radio tradition. You'll like his show.

SUNDAY 9 TO 11 AM: "RETRO STARS, THE 80'S SHOW!" with your host, Dave Stewart! Lots of 80's music, trivia, and pop-culture.

SUNDAY 3PM: Encore performance of Edwards' Archives

SUNDAY 8PM: Encore performance of The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas.

And, of course, GREAT music, CBS news updates, and Local information 24/7 in AM STEREO!!

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