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Oct 13, 2007
West Central Michigan
Ever heard AM in full-quality stereo? You do online with WION's internet stream!
It originates in Jim Carlyle's office from a Carver TX-11A tuner, and is sent through Viastreaming to you! It's "AM the way it SHOULD be broadcast." Join us this weekend for some GREAT AM programming:

Saturday at 8 AM: The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas bring you, "I Shot an Arrow into the Air".

Saturday at 11AM: Edwards' Archives takes us back to THIS WEEKEND (Feb. 18th) of the yeare 1972 in music!

Saturday at 6PM: Barry Scott wants your "thumbs up" on his program, "The Lost 45's" as he brings us the theme of, "LIKE" songs. Should be an interesting and fun show!

Sunday at 8 AM: Pastor Ken Harger's message from the Lighthouse is, "God Uses Attention Getter-Naaman".

Sunday at 3PM: Encore presentation of Edwards' Archives.

Sunday at 8 PM: Encore presentation of The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas.

Thanks for taking us along this weekend...on AM STEREO 1430, WION!

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