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Oct 13, 2007
West Central Michigan
Well, GREED of the music industry hits Washington again.

The never-ending issue of a "music tax" (MORE royalties for local radio stations to pay) is rearing it's ugly head on Capitol Hill. WION spent nearly TEN THOUSAND dollars in royalties last year for music licensing for our small station, WGLM also had similar bills for music royalties, yet we try to keep advertising rates as low as we can to our clients and continue to serve you at the high standard we set for ourselves as your local radio station. The same can be said for our sister station, WGLM! Two independent and PROUD local stations.

As if this issue coming back up isn't enough, A new company, "GMR" (Global Music Rights) has also reared IT'S ugly head to take more money from local radio in a very rude, extortion-like manner leaving us no choice but to pay them, pull all the songs they claim rights-to, or be sued! This is getting entirely out of hand, and ALL local stations need your help.

It's time that listeners to all local radio stations let our legislators know enough is enough. Are you willing to put your name and phone number behind an easy campaign to tell our legislators that you don't want any local stations to take on any more burdens? Please look at this link, and remember if you're not comfortable, you get to read the e-mail first. It appears that you can even delete the "form" e-mail automatically generated, and write your OWN thoughts about the importance of local radio to you before you hit "send."

We hope you'll help WION, WGLM our sister station, and all local radio stations with your support.

Click this link to go to the form that goes to legislators in YOUR area.
(you can also put in WION's street address of 1150 Haynor Rd, Zip 48846 if you want your support of WION as you know us on the web to go to OUR legislators, just please TELL them you listen to LIVE, LOCAL radio from Ionia, Michigan.

As we've said, you can ERASE THE FORM LETTER and add your own thoughts and words.
Please copy what you send and let us know what you told the legislators if you would, too!

We know you've heard this all before, but if one company like GMR can buy up "some" songs from "MANY" artists and hold radio stations hostage for the rights which they've already done, SOMETHING has to be done to protect radio, or some proud station owners, eventually, will throw in the towel and not be there for you when YOU want to tune-in or need emergency information.

Radio thanks you.
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