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Jun 11, 2004
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Mediacom's new Iowa boss wants to expand the company's Internet-based telephone service and its services to businesses.

Edward Pardini, Mediacom's new senior vice president for the company's Des Moines divisional offices, said Mediacom also is looking into new features for residential cable subscribers, such as a system to record television programs with no in-home recording box.

Mediacom Communications Corp., based in Middletown, N.Y., is the largest provider of cable television service in Iowa. The company also provides broadband Internet service and Internet-based telephone service.

Des Moines is home of the company's north central division, which includes Iowa, Minnesota, northern Illinois, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Pardini, 48, became head of the division this month, succeeding Charles King, who is retiring after 35 years in the cable industry.

Pardini served in field management positions with Comcast Corp., the nation's largest cable TV operator, for 15 years, becoming a senior regional vice president. He was responsible for service to Comcast customers in central Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Wilmington, Del.

He has been an industry consultant for the past two years.

Pardini said Mediacom will continue to expand telephone service to make it available to all Mediacom customers in the north-central region.

The company also wants to expand Internet data services for businesses, allowing them to establish their own private networks for transmitting information. Companies, for example, can use Mediacom cable services to transmit information from one point to another, such as sending payroll information to a central accounting office.

For residential subscribers, Mediacom is looking at a system that would allow viewers to record TV programs and store them for playback on Mediacom's computer network, eliminating the need for an in-home recording box.

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