Memorial Day Weekend Radio at it's Best...


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Oct 13, 2007
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We hope you'll take us along with that app called, "WION" from I-Tunes or Google Play.
In-between all these great features is "The Music You Know" around the clock, and of course, CBS News at the top of each hour. Join us online in AM stereo, or locally on the air!

Friday afternoon, Garry Osborn takes you home from 1 to 5 with a tribute to our flag from Red Skelton in the 3PM hour.

Friday night from 6 to 9, it's the Popeye John Show with 3 hours of Classic Rock for you!

Saturday morning at 8 AM, join us for the Twilight Zone Radio Dramas, this week's episode, "The Jungle"...

Saturday at 11 Am, Randy Edwards takes us back musically on Edwards' Archives to May 28, 1973.

Saturday evening from 6 to 9, join in the fun of "The Lost 45's With Barry Scott" ...and this week, Barry's theme is "Pop Heaven!"

Sunday at 8 AM, Pastor Ken Harger's Message from the Lighthouse is entitled, "Memorial Day-A Time to Remember."

Sunday from 9 to 11 it's "Retro Stars, the 80's show" with host Dave Stewart.

Sunday at 3PM: Enjoy an encore presentation of Edwards' Archives

Sunday at 8PM: Encore presentation of The Twilght Zone Radio Dramas.

Don't forget on Monday at noon, (Memorial Day) to join us for the special program, "Heroes Across the Lands" presented commercial free from 12 to 1PM following CBS news.

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