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Apr 18, 2005
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NASHVILLE – The Nash County Board of Commissioners on Monday unanimously approved transferring a cable television franchise from Cox Communications to Cebridge Connections.

Cox Communications is based in Atlanta and has offices in Greenville. Cebridge Connections, with its headquarters in St. Louis, was formerly known as Classic Communications.

Nash County Manager Bob Murphy said Cebridge Connections is in the process of purchasing Cox Communications and asked the county to approve the transfer of the franchise.

"We negotiated to gain improvements in the cable system, and we're satisfied with the resolution before you," he told commissioners. "We understand, from my last communication with city officials, that Rocky Mount is about to recommend approval as well."

Cox Communications Inc. and Cebridge Connections Inc., a company operated by Cequel III, a telecommunications management firm, announced a definitive agreement in November for the purchase of Cox cable television systems serving about 940,000 basic cable subscribers.

Cox Enterprises is the parent company of Cox Communications and the Rocky Mount Telegram.

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