Need a simple app that gives me the azimuth, elevation, and skew for DirecTV


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Oct 5, 2013
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I have a dish that I use with my travel trailer so I do a setup every time I stop and camp - all over the country. I found the Dishpointer site and that seems to provide all the information I need for setting up my dish - I have a SWM - 3 LNB. I wanted a stand alone iPhone app for this so I tried downloading the DP AR Pro - it does not have the same satellites as the web site and provides WAY too much information in a totally unusable format from my perspective. The dish setup has markings for skew and elevation and my iPhone has a compass for azimuth so I don't really need any visual references and when I tried using DP AR Pro, I had to turn the phone upside down and still I have no idea what I need to set the skew and elevation at on my dish tripod. Then I downloaded DP Maps. This has NO satellites preloaded and I really don't know what to load for DirecTV SWM 3 since it uses 3 satellites. Further, when I just load a single satellite (101 for example), all I get is Google Maps with a little satellite icon indicating my position - nothing else. So that blows $27+ and provides nothing. Is there such a simple application that can provide (off line preferable) the basic setup information similar to the web site?


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Mar 7, 2006
The app can be customized for whatever satellites you need.

Your receiver will tell you dish settings based on the zip code you entered. I believe it's under dish pointing.

Give the app a fair shakedown, it has always worked great for me.

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