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Sep 29, 2011
Can you tell me if this is a clear line of sight? We are looking at Directv, but I was afraid to sign/schedule and be told we don't have a good line. I'm not really clear on how to read the results.

Latitude: 42.7685°
Longitude: -71.0499°

House is on the left with 2 cars in driveway. There are houses with round pools 2 houses away on both sides.

Thanks in advance!


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Sep 4, 2007
Position the big green marker where the dish is going to be installed. Then click on the obstacler marker checkbox. Then use the red little obstacle marker to check each DirecTV satellite by moving it to the trees. The box tells you how tall the tree can be without interfering with the signal. That height is measured from the level of the dish. So, you would need to add the height of the dish to h to get the total height of the tree from the ground.

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