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Apr 18, 2005
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Comcast Cable officials remained mystified Tuesday about a service interruption that left high-speed Internet subscribers without service for at least eight hours over the weekend.

"We have not concluded the investigation," said KC McWilliams, the general manager of Comcast's Tallahassee franchise.

McWilliams said all residential and commercial Internet customers were affected by the Sunday outage but she did not disclose a specific number.

Customers began reporting the service loss about noon Sunday. McWilliams said service was restored by 9 p.m. that day but added local technicians and engineers had no idea what caused the outage or what caused service to be restored.

The company had a similar service loss earlier this year when workers cut an AT&T fiber optic cable in Alabama that Comcast leases for its Internet service.

But Aaron Beaty, a spokesman for AT&T in Atlanta, said there were no reports of cable cuts or other outages on company lines "anywhere in the Southeast."

McWilliams said it was her understanding that Pensacola Comcast customers did not lose their Internet service over the weekend.

Ben Goldberg, a Tallahassee customer who said he lost his Internet service Sunday, said he thought Comcast should run a message across the bottom of the screen anytime there was a service disruption.

McWilliams said Comcast uses that service only to provide emergency warnings and that she did not want to utilize the system for short-term Internet outages.

She said Comcast workers would continue their efforts to determine why Internet service was interrupted, but she didn't know when any answers might be found.

"I can't commit to a timeline," she said, "because I don't know how long this will take."

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