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Oct 13, 2007
West Central Michigan
We took an incredible call at WION this morning. Apparently at around 10:35, Neil Diamond's "America" played. The call came in around 11:15 from a listener whose wife was with him at that time.

Together they were on their way to her "Naturalization" function/ceremony (Grand Rapids?) for those becoming new legal American Citizens! He called to thank us for playing it, and to tell us the timing was PERFECT.

Now, we've always believed and told you that sometimes our music seems "inspired" and "arranged" by the ghosts of those who walked these walls before us. We've seen it during strong storms, when appropriate titles seem to come up randomly....and at other times...but...what are the chances THIS was random?

While we didn't get the names of this husband and wife, WION says, Congratulations and WELCOME as an official American citizen to her, and thank you to him for making the call to us. In 28 years of radio, I've never taken a call like this, nor been more amazed at the power of RADIO.

Ponder THAT one awhile, and how RADIO reaches you in a personal way....

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