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Apr 18, 2005
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Broadband Everywhere, which was founded and backed by cable operators, issued a report Tuesday charging that phone companies plan to deliver video services in mostly affluent communities with few minority-group residents.

Based on maps and demographic and U.S. Census data, Broadband Everywhere claimed that more than 90% of the towns where telcos have announced upgrades are above the national median income.

The Bells have announced plans to deploy fiber to about 570 towns and cities, and only 14 of those have majority African-American populations, according to the Broadband Everywhere report. A total of 10 of the 570 have majority Hispanic populations, the report, “A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words,” said.

On average, the telco-announced target towns are 7% African-American and only 8.3% Hispanic, well below the national averages for each demographic, according to the report.

Broadband Everywhere is backed by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, the American Cable Association, more than one-dozen small and midsized cable operators, the Hispanic Federation and the National Congress of Black Women.


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Apr 7, 2004
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“A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words.”
True. That's why in Virginia the newly passed Cable Competition Reform bill was endorsed by the Congressional Black Caucus. Hmmm. Perhaps if the Cable companies would spend more time, effort and money improving services instead of investing tens of millions of dollars funding studies and paying $400 an hour lawyers, then perhaps they could drop prices through technology and efficiency.

Speaking of pictures, this video speaks volumes:

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