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Apr 18, 2005
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Rogers Cable Communications says it has increased the speed of its Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet
Express service from 3 to 5 megabits per second (Mbps), or about 60% more speed when downloading content.

"Our top priority is to ensure that our customers have the best possible Internet service and that is why we are increasing the speed of our Rogers
Yahoo! Hi-Speed Express service to be 60% faster," said Terry Canning, Vice-President & General Manager, Internet services, Rogers Cable, in an announcement.

"We continue to utilize the strength of our network to give our customers access to the rich broadband content and applications available on the Internet today with no change to the prices of the Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet services."

Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Express will roll out its new speed at no additional charge to its customers over the next few weeks, the company said.

Comparison of 3 Mbps versus 5 Mbps speed:

Download Activity Time for 3 Mbps Time for 5 Mbps
MP3 file (5 MB) 14 seconds 8.4 seconds
Rogers Yahoo! Software (30 MB) 1.5 minutes 55 seconds
Movie trailer (50 MB) 2.3 minutes 1.4 minutes
Game Demo (450 MB) 21 minutes 12.6 minutes
(*)Rogers estimate based on standardized file sizes and transfer rates

Rogers Cable Communications Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rogers Communications Inc. (TSX: RCI; NYSE: RG). Rogers Cable passes approximately
3.4 million homes in Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland, with 67% basic penetration of its homes passed. Rogers Cable pioneered high-speed Internet access with the first commercial launch in North Canada in 1995 and now approximately 34% of homes passed are Internet customers. With 99% of its
network digital ready, Rogers Cable offers an extensive array of High Definition TV, an extensive suite of Rogers On Demand services (including
Video on Demand (VOD), Subscription VOD, Personal Video Recorders and Timeshifting channels) as well as a large line-up of digital, multicultural,
and sports programming. Approximately 40% of Rogers basic subscribers are also digital customers and approximately 44% are Rogers Hi-Speed residential and
business customers. Roger Cable now offers home telephone service (voice-over-cable) in the Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa markets, and will continue to
roll out the service across its other cable service areas in the coming months. Rogers Cable also owns and operates over 300 Rogers Video stores.

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